Monday, June 16, 2008

Indian blues and Redemption Song

As Shahrukh Khan sings
“Kabhi to tumko chhatri de dein jab barse pani,
Kabhi naye packet mein bechein tumko cheez purani,
Phir Bhi Dil hai Hindustani”

It is this maddening juxtaposition of two polar extremes which makes us so unpredictable, so Indian. We can deliver lectures on Gandhivaad and self-restraint and then fall over each other to grab a local celebrity’s autograph. A cop may glare at you for breaking out of line at the traffic signal but then salute you the moment you slip him a 50 note. Our own daily lives are full of such extreme opposites (Father being late for work then teaching son about punctuality in the evening, Beautifully decked up ladies punching without abandon to board local trains, Vehicles running casually over animals on the highway on the way to home carrying their beloved child’s gift).

We have institutionalized self-abasement, jealousy, blatant materialism, opportunism – inspite of having the best spiritual tradition in the World. The biggest comedy occurs when harried ‘baratis’ slip the priests additional notes to ‘appease’ the Gods faster. As if God was that stupid.

Let us be clear on one thing, we lack nothing – except compassion and respect for other Indians. All our national problems are self-inflicted including our Government. After all, they only practice the Indianised arts of self-contradiction, denial and laziness at the highest echelons of power. How can any Indian feel indignant, righteous anger at ‘others’ in the society without having a good look at himself/ herself? How can we continue to fill the coffers of polarized bigoted channels of news proudly parading themselves in the garb of ‘national news networks’? How can we not care about the gross inequality that we inflict upon ourselves?

The only solution that we have in front of us is ‘Active Acceptance’ – facing the problem and resolving it with a big heart, generosity, acceptance and compassion. As Bonaparte would say “Iron Fists in a Velvet Glove”.The dust is only surface deep. One touch of the Sudarshan Kriya would open up our hearts which we have for so long not expressed.

As LK Advani said in the Silver jubilee celebrations of the Art of Living in Bangalore, “Such a huge international congregation defies understanding. This great son of India (Guruji,His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) has done us proud and He is the one true hope we have of establishing Sanatan Dharma and Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.”
Hinduism, in its true essence, offers a true solution through universal acceptance and brotherhood – for India and for the World, for Love moves the World.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Vegetarians Forever!

Wishing the whole world celebrates 'V' day every day. Not the mushy shiv-sena attracting variety, but one marked by the crisp crunching sound of fresh veggies. A 'Vegetarian' day i propose every day.

Why should others bother to go vegetarian?
1. You further humanity. For all those who disagree, the production of non-veg food consumes 30 times more resources than equivalent vegetarian food.
2. You protect animalkind. If you disagree go watch 'Meet your Meat' on No living creature, except a few people i unfortunately know, deserve that kind of treatment.
3. You save the Earth. The pollution from the non-veg-food-industry rivals that of all automobile and industrial pollution combined.
4. You live longer. Colon cancer, obesity, heart disease all are , on an a verage, 20 times more likely to afflict a non-vegetarian than a vegetarian
5. You help a fellow human being (aka me). Who do you think pays taxes for all that subsidized chicken - other vegetarians of course!

I love Nike

I like my Nikes. Nike exploits asians and horrendous amounts of profit per shoe. But i still like it.

Reason 1 - The shoes feel 'more' comfortable over heavy usage, and i mean 3 km daily plus basketball plus the gym

Reason 2 - Nobody advertises like Nike. I remember how as a kid i would see Nike soccer or basketball commercials (particularly the one about Jordan saying hat he has failed again and again and thats why he succeeds), an i was sold.

Reason 3 : Nike endorsed Michael Jordan. Period. The geatest basketball player who ever played, 'Jesus-in-sneakers' had Nike written on the sneakers.

Await your opinion

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello World!


The blog's alive and would feature themes including restaraunts, musings, movies, books, basketball, guitar, current affairs and more. Happy blogging :)