Saturday, May 30, 2009

New blog on Guruji experiences!

Dinesh bhaiya has sent links to this beautiful blog that emnates grace from every line written here...

Here's a link to his article...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13th! (belated)

So many beautiful posts on His birthday - on Bau's blog, Bhawana's blog, Komal's blog...bless you all.

While it is/was His birthday, the gift was mine.....I just returned from conducting the first ever Kriya in Gainesville, and i am much much happier than the participants were, whose smile indicated that they were very very happy indeed. 

Had the Kriya in a 'New-Age' church! Can't wait for the next kriya on the coming thursday.

Jai gurudev!

PS: Had to edit this one. Just had flashbacks of Guruji which I thought I  should share. On almost all my meetings with him, whenever i have taken sweets or any food for him, He has always blessed it and asked me to distribute it to the devotees. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciated that He has a huge devotee base and that He needs to take care of everyone, but there was this small voice hissing that maybe what i carried was not good enough for Him. Then one day, when Guruji looked at me asked me to distribute the gulab jamuns i had brought, I suddenly felt I understood why...My God, only the Guru can do this. Whatever He holds dearest, He gives to his devotees as a blessing! There is absolutely nothing he holds for himself other than our love for him, a love over which we have 'No Choice' in any case. Blessed is this creation, that it can witness His love!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some observations

Just a few personal observations about people here at Gainesville, Florida. These may be sweeping generalizations, but i would love to hear different opinions. I may be broaching sensitive territory here, but i have seen how so many Indian students manage to come to UF and live EXACTLY the same way as if they were attending college in Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai, and never explore new waters. The following lines may be helpful if you plan to come to the US.

1. "Oh, I can see why you felt that way. I would have done the same if i were you." They love to convey sincerity and belongingness. People would honestly share what they think and how they are feeling when spoken to. A question like "How are you today?" could lead to long, honest discourses at times. They assume that you are friendly, till you take pangas,  and would answer your questions as relevantly as possible.

They appreciate eye-to-eye contact; sincere, unbiased dialogue; and would convey emotion through the tone of their voice. 

Again, "Convey" is the operational word. In case you plan to come to the US, don't mistake people's expressions of belongingness for meaning that they really belong to you. That requires a few advance courses :) It would be a huge mistake to start talking about what you think is wrong about people, place, the weather, or anything. Be very wary of cribbing and bitching in general. Don't abuse the hospitality and stay on guard, as people's true opinions would probably require a few drinks to emerge. 

2. "I am loving this!" Americans strive to express that they are "In Control" and  "there is nothing to worry about" in a friendly, energetic, polite way. They know how to turn on the charm. Confidence, and belongingness, is a heady cocktail.

3. Indian role moels are "responsible", "caring" and "respectful". We are hard-wired to respect a personality type resembling lord Rama. American role models would probably be "accomplished", "caring" and "indpendent". Peel away the good-natured exterior, and you see an intensely competitive human being. People are busy sizing each other up discreetly. Competitiveness and survival are virtues people admire strongly, IF these are combined with strong "self-control" and "fair play". This is an individual's society. 

4. Americans love to play (compete). I have already written how hugely fanatical they are about sports and physical activity.

5. They are very planned and informed about their actions. They are terrified of screwing up or coming across as a fake. "Credibility" is a very big deal, and you need to do what you say, and say what you mean.
If what you mean may not be socially palatable, don't say it.

6. Alcohol is a means to finding escape from being planned and orderly and to be silly. People are very self-conscious and afraid to make mistakes, and they rely on the booze to loosen these chains. 

What a huge market for teaching the Sudarshan Kriya! Awesome!

Would love to discuss more on the same. 
Jai Gurudeva!