Saturday, December 26, 2009


I completed my Fall semester at UF at the begining of December and am at home in Abu Dhabi, enjoying an interesting break. We concluded a YES+ here today with 12 bright shining graduates. Also, my family watched Avatar at the Grand Cineplex IMAX in Ibm Battuta Mall today. The Pocahontas story rendered in a jaw-droppingly realistic environment evinced memories of Isaac Asimov, Braveheart and my ethics professor. The after-debate on the drive back to Abu Dhabi was more interesting. We talked ethics, different value systems and other stuff all the way on the two hour drive. The story was predicatable, but the action and the pace were interesting. Wish Cameron put some more thought and made the storyline as gripping as 'Sunshine' or 'I am Legend'.

Will be looking forward to more fun over the coming days in Abu Dhabi.