Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A long long time

Good morning! After a long, lethargic break, i am, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenneger, "Back!" Back to blogging, and back to seva.

SO i have been looking out for product marketing jobs lately, and my MBA almost done. And i Have been having a lot of fun after completing most of my course work. As in Shrek III, "I didn't realize what I was missing until i lost it." Coming back to seva feels like that...a breath of fresh air and life again.

A lot of buzz for the Guru Purnima happening in Hartford. I am handling the facebook marketing and am hoping to have something up and running by tomorrow. Lots of organizing work happening here.

Going through the MBA I had ups and downs, and realized how many things can go wrong and how fortunate i am to have the umbrella of Grace and love that Guruji has provided. More soon. JGD!