Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Pics

The last 3 weeks have been an education, in people, practices and in myself..It was almost like being back in IIT again! As a snapshot, we covered plenty of homes inviting people for Guruji's PDS, i set a divine shop stall in the midst of Nahar Lagu's takkar complex for a week, and took lots of pics:) More detailed post coming soon. Some pics in the meantime !...enjoy

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some musings on people here

Hmm, although wisdom lies in not judging and classifying people, but being Indian, it is inevitable that you scan people from head to toe and try and put them into different baskets...

 Ok first difference, am reminded of the brutal old expression "Barking dogs don't bite". So in Bangalore i have seen furious debates, threats, exagerrated gestures and general coldness being thrown about. The people in Arunachal are simpler, if they like you, they will smile and be happy with you, if you throw too much attitude or piss them off, they would beat you up. Very little barking.

 Second, "Chikna" factor. People here seem like you could put a drop of water on their skin and it would slip right off. They are shorter on an average, well built and have great dressing sense. In Bangalore, people are much more intellectual. 

 Third, most jobs are sarkari, so there is a sarkari atitude to living life (which is commitments are meant to be made but to be followed at ones own leisure). Life is literally 'laid back'. Can't really blame the people for that as there is no real industry or jobs here and the ambitious youth usually look for opportunities outside arunachal. Also, the government inhibits outside investment into the state.

 People here are very free and open in their behavior, if they feel something they express it and do not get into mind games. Also, Arunachali people are divided into many tribes and they retain their tribal identity also. The dominant tribe here in itanagar is nyishi, who are more inclined towards gundagiri and want to have things their way, but are very friendly if they like you. Girls don't live with inhibitions or insecurities and are very well dressed most of the time.

 Hmm, will update as other thoughts come to mind


Thursday, November 6, 2008

YES Course, PDS passes, et al

People around the world have some things in common - all around the world parents force their children to brush, men always want the remote to the TV, and individuals suddenly realize that they dont have time when it is time to enrol into art of living courses. Thanks to working for YES+ courses, there are plenty of antidotes i have learned as a volunteer for that kind of behavior. Doors banged shut not withstanding, we have been getting positive vibes from people generally for the upcoming PDS - the first time our beloved Master will be conducting a PDS in North East India. Work is on in full swing and teams of teachers, volunteers, devotees are going door to door canvassing and enrolling people for the course. 

I also recieved a pleasant surprise on Sunday night, after completing the previous course, that i would have to conduct a YES course and here are 30 wonderful kids at the Royal International School here who now belong to me :) Will post pics tomorrow. The YES course is just so much fun that everyone should experiee this. We have been having rounds of suryanamaskar relay races, om games, etc etc. Will have an intro talk for PDS for all the students tomorrow and am hoping that we have a great turnout here....

Happy blogging and ciao for now

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Youth course at RGU

Last week's course at the RGU in Itanagar went off well. There was a bit of drama when itstated out with some students noisily demanding the use of the venue when the kriya was going on, and i had to calm them down. The kriya went well with the participants. Disucssions were interesting and they were all moved by Love Moves the World'. Two interesting facts about the course, in the intro talk given at the girl's hostel 10 of them registered out of 21 on the spot. Secondly, the only guy in the course dropped out because he was too shy. So we had an all-girls course. Was great fun to teach, and many learnings. I returned on sunday night and am now reachable on my phone. Have started a YES course yesterday, so its back to back courses at present.