Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pasta and Maths with the Rishis

Good things often come to you without notification. If you are a devotee they come frequently and always without warning. And because opposite values are complementary, they are usually preceded by some frantic bursts of crazy running around, desperate phone calls, roller coaster emotions and fervent prayers. If you like a well defined, surprise-free life (i.e. you have not done the YES+), you would probably be wondering what these lines meant. If you love your life, like crazy adventures and care for the planet (i.e. you have done the YES+) you would be right at home with the above.
Yesterday was one such day - Vishal's fateful phone call at 4 pm went "Bawa is coming to Koramangala at 7. Get 40 people" This was followed by 2.5 hours of frenetic phone calls, cajoles, threats, and other means of persuasion in different parts of bangalore. Only 20 blessed souls made it to the venue though. Then came the rishis - both Bawa and Dinesh, their glows lighting up the Indian Heritage Academy.
The mathemagic session was brilliant. One answer in particular stood out highlighting Bau's total presence of mind and depth of wisdom. Bawa was 100% teaching the topic of countable infinity and uncountable infinity. In short, an infinite number of distinct things become countable infinity. An infinite number of things where infinite other things exist between any 2 things is uncountable infinity. A question asked was that In any situation, human beings have only a countable number of choices they may make - hence countable infinity. Yet why is it said in books of wisdom that we have infinite possibilities in any situation (uncountable infinity)?

The answer was sheer genius. Look at the diag ram here. Bawa said that most people believe themselves capable of doing only a certain number of things. Hence their choices are countable, bound within a small solid circle of possibility as shown. When you get enlightened, this barrier breaks and you are capable of anything! Lke Guruji :) Hence enlightenment is the transition fom countable to uncountable infinity, and meditation is the way.
The joyous mental exercising left us pleasantly hungry, and we proceeded to Via Milano, one of Bangalore's most promising Italian eateries, for dinner. Now Via Milano is known to be a slightly elitist place, where people are so proper. When our YES+ group walked in, it was as if the place had come alive suddenly. It felt much more warm and comfortable. Carl, the restauraneur who owned the place was a gracious host and we had splendid vegetarian choices, which could have been better had they stocked whole-wheat pastas instead of maida ones. We had an assortment of yummy italian salads, tailormade to Baus impeccable tastes, with potato and mushroom soups, special mozarella fritters and 3 gobsmacking authentic thin crust veggie pizzas. This was follwed by the main course of assorted pastas, lasagnes each spiced perfectly and accompanied by flavored olive oils. The pannacotta dessert ws superb. Our verdict was that the place would be a definite go-to if they serve whole wheat pastas, which Carl has promised to do if he is called in advance. Of course we had lots of photos, lots of laughter and it was amazing to see how Bau and Dinesh bhaiya seem to be so effortless and natural wherever they are. It seems that their sorroundings blend into them rather than they blending into their sorroundings. Dinesh bhaiya cracked a couple of sardar jokes, Bau gave Carl pointers to improve his delightful cuisine, and we all retuned happy, glowing and well fed.
The icing on the cake was that Dinesh Bhaiya was so gracious, he sent a message thanking us all after the dinner. Praying to have diner with them really soon:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Born Again

Have just returned from an experience called the TTC. A 111 of us were battered (our egos specially on the first 5 days), kneaded (with yogic postures designed to turn the best of backs to jelly), doused (with tough challeneges), sieved (through intro talks) , marinated (with knowledge points) , baked (through establishing the knowledge points and by buddha's grace), and once done, properly topped with cherries and fruits (the graduation party, the artificial meat dinner). Guess all of it is necessary so that we can have a pudding (us) worthy of the filling (the SK notes, the tape)....

Some dishes are meant to get better with time, so we work and wait for our manuals, after which we are ready as irresistible, mouthwatering, heartfilling offerings called YES+ teachers, out to entice and uplift an entire populace. Jai Gurudev!