Thursday, November 8, 2012

RT: The Beauty of Spirituality lies in its subtlety @SriSriSpeaks

Gurudev's Twitter feed is a constant source of inspiration and warmth. You can find him @SriSriSpeaks.

I had a lot of fun reading them in order and they all seemed to make so much sense, even together! Guurji's Tweets, like Him, seem individually brilliant and collectively sublime. What do you think?

Title: The Beauty of Spirituality lies in its subtlety
11/4/12, 7:22 AM

Life works on strange laws of nature (Karma). One never knows when a friend turns enemy or vice-versa. Rely on your self reliance (11/3/12 7:36 AM). Just be happy and do whatever you can to make others happy. Serve and Smile; Have Serenity and Sensitivity; Do Sadhana and Seva (11/3/12; 7:27 AM).

Don't run away from emotions. Remain strong and centred in the midst of changing emotions. (11/2/12, 7:23 AM).Consistent practice for a long period of time with a sense of honor is needed to get established in the present moment. (11/3/12 8:02 PM)

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beautiful_life said...

Serenity... and splendor splash by G :)