Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dealing with Anger

So many times, in our lives, we get overwhelmed with hatred or frustration. The mind tends to cling to the negative, and our emotions slide down a slippery slope - starting with Anger, which leads to sadness, to hatred, to jealousy,to dullness/inertia.

I read a beautiful Sutra today from "Know Your Mind" by Sri Sri -

"To calm the mind be friendly and compassionate, and finally ignore if needed. Ignore the imperfections and keep your mind calm. Hating somebody is like drinking poison and do not ever hate a wise person. Patanjali says, "Awake the opposite emotion". This is Sadhana. If anger arises, awake compassion, a new chemical process will initiate."

Such a blessing to have the Sudarshan Kriya and these rarest of Sutras, that can reverse the swing of emotions and restore our natural, beautiful, joyous state.

May our minds be strong and bloom in this wisdom.

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