Friday, October 26, 2012

Navaratri 2012

"When your heart truly makes a wish, it comes true"

Just posted the note on Navaratri 2011 and what an year it has been since then. While the struggles remain, there is a growing awareness that most of it stems from within and I have the tools and th strength to turn the tide. Some things that have helped me raise my energy and spirit -

1. Walking by the Pacific - Quoting Guruji, the ocean is an abode of Vasus and does amazing things for removing negativity.

2. Swimming and Biking - Taken these up to recover from the ACL sprain i suffered last year. Swimming is a study in spiritual awareness - whether you thrash and struggle to go faster, or float lazily, you are always floating and suspended in the medium. And Hermosa beach has gorgeous biking trails, from the Pier up to Santa Monica.

3. Seva and Sangha - This is hands-down the most important commitment I have taken - to immerse myself in more knowledge and make myself more useful. Organizing the Upanishads, Guru Purnima and engaging in outreach have done wonders for opening up my heart and the flow of wisdom. I have discovered a like for traveling, seeing new places and reading.

Can't wait for what the next year brings!


beautiful_life said...

Navratras are so auspicious a time to spend with G... Its so beautiful , colourful, mellifluous, holy, musical, magical,...errr well the short...

Abhishek Ratna said...

inadequate words for the blissfully amazing times.