Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gossip and Satsang

I am confused.

Most gossip makes no sense. Let me share a typical scenario -
Person A: "Heyyy B, hows it going??"
Person B - "Doing alright. What about you?"
A - "Been crazy busy lately. Been working long hours on blah. Its that time of the year again. The whole family is busy doing blah. And in the middle of all this, person C is giving me so much blah. Can you believe what happened yesterday with C? Blah Blah. I just don't see how..."
B (interrupting) - "My boss is being a total pain.blah.  Have been insanely busy  too. Blah. And C is a total schmuck. I can't believe he said that to you."
A - "Am so stressed out with all this crap"
B - "Totally sucks dude"

And A and B manage to replay this scenario again and again with D, E, F and G. Where's the fun in being miserable and sharing the misery? Instead why not make those precious few moments count and raise the spirit?

I loved this snippet from Guruji, "In the satsang, if each one of you begins sharing all the great experiences you have begun experiencing in your lives and share all the noble thoughts, what happens? Your self-confidence and sincerity becomes stronger. You can go forward if you have faith. The more faith you have have, the further you can progress. In order to strengthen your belief, you should keep on participating in satsangs. You should also keep participating in celebrations. Not just sit in a dull manner. Are you getting this?"


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