Friday, November 2, 2012

Dealing with Regret

In my earlier post, Dealing with Anger, I shared one of Guruji's quotes that helps protect the mind from anger. But what if anger still happens? What if, once anger has passed, the mind is entangled regret or guilt? What if you wish to 'purify' yourself?

Gurudev's path is filled with with so much love and heartwarming wisdom. Like a mother who warns a child against mistakes, but lovingly nurses it back should it still make them - Guruji reveals this beautiful sutra to deal with guilt or impurity -

"What should be done to free oneself from the feeling of guilt? We have to discover our purity. We do not have to go somewhere in order to get our purity. You should bring this awareness in your mind, 'I am pure'. For this awareness to exist deep inside you you have to increases your prana shakti or the life force energy. Sudarshan Kriya, meditation, bhajans, pranayama and everything else is done to increase the life force. Mind becomes pure and lighter. If some dirt comes and settles down on it and the mind becomes impure again, then waht should be done? We shoudl never forget:'my nature is pure'."

Picture courtesy - PrabuVijayan 


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